Our softball tournament takes place in August at the Suffern Baseball Complex on the Vincent Crotty Memorial Field.  16 teams compete of four days for the title. T-shirts are provided to all participants.

Tournament Rules

I. Objective #1 is safety of all participants’ objective #1A is for everyone to have fun.

Each batter gets a maximum of THREE PITCHES.
Third Pitch – Foul ball: Caught or dropped-Batter is OUT
Third Pitch – Strike: Swing or not, Batter is OUT
If the batter steps out of the box to make contact or swing at the pitch, the batter is OUT.

III. Pitching:
1. The offensive team will pitch to itself.
When it is the pitcher’s turn to bat, the team must put another pitcher in his/her place to pitch. Once your pitcher has successfully reached base, a courtesy runner may be put in. The runner must be the same sex. 

2. The Defensive pitcher will start within the designated circle to start each play.
a. The offensive pitcher will be able to defend himself/herself from the ball.
b. If they catch any ball to protect themselves, they must drop it immediately to let the defensive pitcher make the play.
c. If the offensive pitcher interferes with the defense, a dead ball will be called and an out awarded to the defensive team. This is a judgment call from the umpire.

IV. Double Elimination:
This tournament will be double elimination tournament.

V. Rosters:
a. Teams must submit a roster prior to start of tournament; players must wear team shirts during games.
b. Defensive team is allowed up to 10 fielders, minimum of 8 fielders
c. Offensive team can bat the entire roster or 10 players (must choose one prior to start of game).
d. Courtesy runners are allowed (same sex as batter)
e. Substitution players (SP) any team may use 1 or 2 SP per game. The SP must remain in the same position in the batting order for the entire game.
The SP may play defense at any time without his/her status being affected. He/She may go in and out of the defensive lineup as often as needed as long as his/her position in the official batting order is not altered.
An SP may be substituted for at any time with the substitute becoming the new SP. The substitute must be a player that has not been in the game.

VI. Official Game:
An official game is 7 innings or until game clock has expired. No new inning shall begin after 60 minutes on the game clock.

VII. Run Limits
5 Run limit per inning (last at bat unlimited)

VIII. Sliding/Takeout Rules:
Sliding is permitted at any base. “Take Out” slides are not permitted as the safety of players is of utmost importance to everyone. All rulings on sliding shall be a judgment call made by the respective umpire.

IX. Umpires:
All umpires have generously volunteered their time to do this Tournament. Please treat them at all times with the respect that they deserve and have earned.
Home Plate Umpire (HPU) – Will be responsible to enforce the “three pitch” rule. HPU will also rule on any batter out of batter’s box during a swing as well as interference calls involving the offensive & defensive pitchers.
Field Umpire (FLDU) – Will be responsible for making calls at any base as well as ruling on “sliding calls”. In addition, the FLDU will also rule on interference calls involving the offensive & defensive pitchers.

X. Tie-breaker Rules:
If at the end of 7 innings or 60 minutes (whichever occurs first) there is a tie, it will go to:
1) Extra inning. A runner will be placed on 2nd base (last out from previous inning). Play will resume as normal.
2) Both teams will have an at bat in the inning with the same rule as above (#1)

If at the end of the Tie Breaker inning, there is still a tie.
1) Another extra inning. Runners will be placed on 2nd base & 3rd base (last 2 outs from previous inning). Play will resume as normal.
2) Both teams will have an at bat in the inning with the same rule as above (#1)

If at the end of the Double Tie Breaker innings, there is still a tie.
Coin Flip – Home Team makes the call.

XI. Location:
All games will be played at Vincent Crotty Memorial Field & Suffern Softball Field 

XII, Uniforms:
Every player must wear their team’s shirt when in the field or while batting. Extra shirts will be available for purchase prior to the tournament.

XIII, Team Jumping:
Players cannot play for multiple teams.
Exception- Once a player’s team has been eliminated; the player can make a one-time move to another team, if that team is short players. The player will be required to have the appropriate team shirt. Under no circumstances will a player be permitted to play for more than ONE other team once his original team has been eliminated.

Have Fun, and thank you for participating!

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